• Who is The London Pass® for?

    EVERYONE! The London Pass® has something for everyone including families, couples, children, adults, first-time visitors, repeat visitors, long-haul visitors, short stay visitors, independent travellers, international visitors as well as UK and local residents.

    The London Pass® is for anyone who wants to visit some of the most popular and best attractions in London whilst saving both time and money.

  • What is The London Pass® sightseeing credits package?

    The London Pass® is a sightseeing credits package that grants you access to 90+ London attractions. You simply purchase your desired credits package and redeem your credits to gain access to the attractions. Your credits reduce as you redeem them for entry. 

    You can choose either a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 10 – consecutive day sightseeing credit package, which is subject to a "credit value" - see below for more information on "credit values". 

    Each pass is subject to a value of a maximum credit and you are unable to exceed this. 1 credit is worth £1 and your credits are redeemed when you enter attractions, reducing by the amount of the standard gate price of the attraction you enter.

    The maximum credits value per pass type is listed below:

    • 1-day London Pass credits package: adult 180 max credit / child 145 max credit 
    • 2-day London Pass credits package: adult 290 max credit / child 230 max credit 
    • 3-day London Pass credits package: adult 385 max credit / child 290 max credit 
    • 4-day London Pass credits package: adult 475 max credit / child 345 max credit 
    • 5-day London Pass credits package: adult 585 max credit / child 410 max credit 
    • 6-day London Pass credits package: adult 670 max credit / child 465 max credit 
    • 7-day London Pass credits package: adult 785 max credit / child 515 max credit 
    • 10-day London Pass credits package: adult 865 max credit / child  555 max credit 

    Once you've purchased a sightseeing credits package it's easy; you simply scan your pass at any of the attractions to access them. 

    You can find out how many credits you have left at any point by simply contacting our customer support team.

  • How does the Go City app work?

    The Go City app is your key to exploring the city. Download for free to your Apple or Android device and then follow the instructions in your confirmation email to sync your pass to the app. Once you arrive in the city, all you've got to do is show your pass at each attraction.

    Plus, we've loaded the app with plenty of useful attraction info, itineraries, and much more to make planning and exploring even easier.

  • What are the main benefits of The London Pass®?

    The London Pass® gives you access to over 80 of the best tourist attractions in London. No tickets, no hassle – just sightseeing. 

    Each pass comes with a free guidebook and also entitles you to a range of great offers around the city. 

  • Does The London Pass® come with a guidebook?

    Yes, The London Pass® comes with a handy 160+ page guidebook. It is packed with information about each attraction, maps, and helpful tips about the city. It comes in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese.

  • Do I have to make reservations for attractions?

    Certain attractions will require a reservation. If this is the case, you will find all booking information listed on our reservations page and the individual attraction pages on our website and app. Some advance reservations will require a pass number or order reference number to secure your booking. This will not activate your pass.

  • What is the London Pass Savings Guarantee?

    With our passes, we guarantee that you’ll save on your sightseeing. However, if it turns out you could have saved by buying individual attraction tickets, rather than using your pass, we’ll refund you the difference. 

    You’ll need to have scanned your pass at least three time per day, every day per life of pass.  

    You can submit your claim by emailing us on [email protected]. Be sure to provide the following:   

    • Your order confirmation number (this can be found on your confirmation of purchase email).   

    • Screenshots of entry prices from the attraction's website or from any other travel websites that prove that the combined cost of attractions you visited would have been cheaper than the cost of our passes.   

    We'll review your claim and will respond within 7-10 business days.   


  • How much can I save with The London Pass®?

    With our credits package, you save up to 50% vs. buying individual tickets at top attractions (the sights you guys visit the most).

    Our savings compare the London Pass price with the combined 'normal ticket values' of each attraction on our sample itineraries. Individual savings may vary. Normal ticket values include taxes and are the price you pay at the most popular time to visit without discounts.

    Please note prices at attractions can vary without notice to The London Pass. Normal ticket values were last updated on April 1, 2023.

  • How can I find out how much credit I have left on my pass?

    If you wish to confirm the outstanding credit on your pass then you should call our customer service team on 020 7293 0972 or +44 (0)20 7293 0972.


  • Are attractions on The London Pass® accessible all year round?

    The majority of attractions included on your pass are open all year round with just a few days of closure, usually around Christmas.

    To see the opening hours and dates for each attraction, browse our London attractions section or refer to your guidebook.

  • How do I find out an attraction's opening times and closing times?

    The opening times and dates of all attractions can be found on each individual attraction page on our website. They are also detailed in the London Pass Guidebook received with every order. For information on the go, download The London Pass App® to get all the attraction information at your fingertips.

  • Can I visit the same attraction twice with my London Pass®?

    You can only visit each attraction once. Repeat entry is not allowed.

  • Can children visit attractions on their own?

    When visiting attractions, children must be accompanied by an adult or may be refused admission.

  • Is The London Pass® suitable for those with disabilities and their carers?

    Some attractions may offer carer places or free entry to visitors with disabilities, so The London Pass® might not be the most suitable for them as requirements vary from attraction to attraction. Please contact them directly for further information.


  • Can I buy The London Pass® when I am in London?

    Of course! You will receive your email confirmation shortly after purchase, which will allow you to download your pass to your smartphone instantly. 

  • What age range is a child pass for?

    Children are aged between five and 15 years. Children under five years are free. 

    Note: children under the age of 11 who are accompanied by an adult with a valid travel ticket can travel for free on the London Underground.

  • Do you offer discounts for groups, students or senior citizens?

    Unfortunately not. The London Pass® has been specially created to help visitors save both time and money through the use of the product.

    Please Note: groups of more than 10 may not be allowed access to some attractions included on The London Pass®.

  • Can I buy The London Pass® for a group?

    We don't have any restrictions when purchasing through the website, however, The London Pass® is not designed for large groups of travellers.

    Please note: groups of more than 10 may be refused entry at some attractions. We advise if you are in a group of over 10 that you contact each attraction in advance.

  • How do I use an offer code or discount code?

    If you have an offer code you can enter this on the checkout page after you have chosen your product(s).

    Note: offer codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount.

  • Why haven't I received my email confirmation?

    Purchased a pass but still waiting for your confirmation email? Or has your order been declined? If so, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

    • You submitted an incomplete or incorrect billing address.
    • Your 3D Secure authentication failed.
    • Your bank did not process the transaction as a safety precaution and requires further authorization from you.
    • There was a typo in the email address.

    If you’re sure that all of the above details were correct, please contact us via live chat so we can help resolve the issue.

    Oh, and don’t forget to double check your junk folder – sometimes our confirmation emails accidentally end up there.

  • Can I buy The London Pass® as a gift for someone else? Are they named with the card holder's name?

    Passes are not printed with any names. This means that they make the perfect gift.

    All passes are valid for 24 months from the date of purchase, so you can gift them for use at a later date and they will only become activated at first use at an attraction.

  • Do you have passes for any other destinations elsewhere in the world?

    Yes, we have dedicated passes for many other cities, which you can buy through our sister websites:, and


  • What is the Oyster Card?

    The Oyster Card is an electronic travelcard designed to facilitate journeys across London on the extensive transport network.

    The Oyster Card can be used on public buses, the underground network as well as overground trains, and the DLR. The Oyster Card will never expire so it makes a great investment if you plan on coming to London in the future.

    To find out more about Oyster Travelcard, click here.

  • When and where can I use the Oyster Card?

    The Oyster Card can be used across all buses, tubes, overground trains, and the DLR. It can be used any time and any day the public transport networks are running. To find out more about opening times of the London transport network, visit the Transport for London website.

  • What is the £5 admin fee on the Oyster Card?

    The £5 admin charge is a fee added on by Transport for London to cover the cost of producing the Oyster Cards. This is a non-refundable fee that is unavoidably added to every Oyster Travelcard order.

    It does mean that the card is yours forever as you do not have to return the card after use or throw it away. Providing the Oyster Card has credit, it can be used at a later date as the card never expires.

  • Can I use the Oyster Card to get to and from the airport?

    If you have your order shipped to you before you travel and you fly into Heathrow Airport then you can use your Oyster Travelcard on the London Underground to travel into central London. The Oyster Travelcard would also cover use on the DLR trains from London City Airport as well. Using your Oyster Card to travel into Central London from Gatwick will incur a higher charge (up to £19.80 one-way on the Gatwick Express, for example) so we would advise against using it from this airport.

    The Travelcard doesn’t cover transport to and from Luton Airport and Stansted Airports. 

  • Can I store my luggage somewhere while using my London Pass®?

    Stasher has locations worldwide where you can store your luggage while you explore the city. Exclusive to passholders, bookings can be made online here, and use the coupon code GOCITYGLOBAL for 10% off.  

  • If my child (under 11) doesn't need a travelcard or Oyster Card, how will they get through the barriers?

    Children under 11 can travel on the London Transport network for free, accompanied by an adult holding a valid Oyster Card. Please go to the wider gates at the side where a member of staff can let you through without a ticket.


  • Do I need to use my pass on consecutive days?

    Yes, all passes are to be used on consecutive days. For example, if you have a 3-day pass and start using it on a Tuesday, it will be valid for that day, Wednesday and Thursday.

    Please note: if you start using your pass in the evening or late in the day, that will count as your first day.

  • How do I enter attractions with The London Pass®?

    Simply scan your London Pass® at an attraction entrance or ticket desk to redeem your sightseer credits to enter the attraction. Credits will be deducted with each attraction visit, starting with your first visit.

  • Who am I buying entry from?

    Your sightseer credits are redeemed with The London Pass® (not individual attractions).

  • What is the "Credits Value"?

    Each London Pass® is subject to a credits value based on the duration of the pass.

    The credits value is the maximum amount you're able to use based on the standard gate price for each attraction. For example; with a 5-day Adult London Pass you can visit attractions up to the total attraction cost of £575!

    Here is a breakdown of the credits value for each London Pass®:

    1-day London Pass credits package: adult 165 max credit / child 150 max credit

    2-day London Pass credits package: adult 265 max credit / child 235 max credit

    3-day London Pass credits package: adult 355 max credit / child 305 max credit

    4-day London Pass credits package: adult 470 max credit / child 375 max credit

    5-day London Pass credits package: adult 575 max credit / child 440 max credit

    6-day London Pass credits package: adult 665 max credit / child 490 max credit

    7-day London Pass credits package: adult 750 max credit / child 530 max credit

    10-day London Pass credits package: adult 825 max credit / child 570 max credit


    If you want to check your remaining credits value, you can contact our Customer Service team.

  • What happens if I change the date of my trip to London?

    Your London Pass® is valid for two years from the date of purchase.

  • What happens if my plans change and I can’t/don’t use The London Pass®?

    For all customers that purchase passes from September 1 2020 onwards, you can now obtain refunds on unused passes for up to 90 days after purchase. See the Purchase Terms & Conditions for more information.

  • Can I claim a refund?

    Contact us via email ([email protected]) and sending the unused products back to us in the post. Full details can be found in our terms and conditions. To find out more, click here.


  • How do I contact The London Pass® customer support?

    If you’re using the London Pass app, please visit our website to find our customer support contact details.

    If you can't find what you're looking for on our FAQs page, please reach out on live chat - this is the fastest, easiest way to get in touch.

    You can also call or email our customer service team using the contact details below. 

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