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Where do American tourists like to go in London?

Ever wondered what kind of tourist you might be? Or wondered whether your history habits or arty antics influence not only the way you live life, but also the way you sightsee abroad? Well, we’ve compiled some research that looks into the sightseeing habits of those who have visited London, specifically in 2013, and turns out it might have something to do with where you’re from. Let’s start with our London Pass users from across the pond, the Americans. Their continued love affair with our British monarchy is evident through the dominant visitor numbers we see at royal attractions. The American pass holders take top spot at London’s most regal of residences, such as Windsor Castle and Kensington Palace. As two of the most important residences of the royal family, it’s not surprising they’re a popular bet, as last year saw a significant proportion of visits to Queen Victoria’s childhood home by our US customers. The Tower of London is also well worth a visit if you’re a fan of the royals like the Americans; with a rich history linked to those who ruled the United Kingdom from 1066 – it’s seen its fair share of royal dramas and scandals, including executions and imprisonments, not to mention the theft of the crown jewels. Another popular sight for our American visitors is Westminster Abbey where they can experience the stunning Gothic church that has hosted some of the most memorable ceremonies of monarchic history. As the nation’s coronation church since William the Conqueror, it has crowned the heads of a long line of kings and queens to date. You might also remember the more recent wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who were married there in 2011. “It’s often said that American tourists are fascinated by the British Royals, and the sightseeing patterns of our customers confirm this,” said Amanda Truman, Director Product Marketing for the London Pass. American London Pass holders are also the leading nationality to go the extra mile and visit those attractions outside of London’s city centre; including Windsor Castle, but also Hampton Court Palace, the famous home of King Henry VIII where he built his legendary Tudor kitchen to feed 600 people twice a day! As well as their penchant for all things royal-family-related, our American customers have a soft-spot for wartime heritage, especially that of WWII. Those heralding from the United States were the highest percentage of visitors to London’s top wartime landmarks and museums, including Churchill War Rooms, the RAF Museum and the Imperial War Museum, where you can learn about what it was like to live through the Blitz, discover to the nail-biting war efforts of the Prime Minister and take your kids to the Horrible Histories® exhibition. It seems these guys are dedicated sightseers with an insatiable appetite for everything royal-related and to do with wartime history. What better place to come than London?

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