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A Guide to the Best Ice Cream in London

The Summertime weather in London is very good at keeping the general public on their toes. Will it be warm or wet today? Umbrella or SPF 50? Either way, ice cream is always the right decision and helps to inspire the summer spirit even on the soggiest of days. The city offers many options when it comes to ice cream, and we've narrowed it down to eight. Get your spoons (not single-use. Never single-use) ready. Here comes your guide to the best ice cream in London.

Milk Train Cafe

This dessert cafe specialises in ice cream cones wrapped in an airy ring of candy floss (cotton candy for our American readers). Located in trendy Covent Garden, Milk Train offers Instagram-ready cones in flavours such as lavender and honey or cookies and cream. If you prefer ice cream in liquid form, they also have delicious milk teas up for grabs. The ice creams are dreamy and so is the cafe's interior, sit and enjoy your cone under a canopy of pink blossoms. It's like sitting in a 'unicorn's living room.


If you're craving authentic gelato, then this Covent Garden and Richmond based Italian Gelateria is an exceptional choice. Gelatorino's gelato is made using natural ingredients hailing from the Piedmont region of Italy. Servers wear crisp white uniforms with chef's hats nestled on their heads ready to scoop mounds of frozen dessert onto cones or cups. Enjoy a combination of traditional flavours like Gianduja (chocolate and hazelnut), Pistachio or Val di Noto. One of the best ice cream in London, and dare we say, Italy?


According to their website "The Creams story is one of passion, commitment... and big flamboyant desserts." We can't help but agree that the desserts are big and flamboyant, but also delicious. Creams are an indulgent experience if the desperate need for a giant sundae arises then this is the spot to make that happen. The franchise resides throughout the United Kingdom with multiple locations in London. Menu items include, sundaes made from sour candy, M&Ms or bubblegum, plus their cookie dough options are to die for and even come in vegan versions too!

Cookies and Scream

The name of this Holloway ice cream shop on its own deserves a high five, but the vegan offerings are even better. This vegan and gluten-free cookie shop have a variety of drool-inducing treats, including "ice scream" shakes, free from dairy but packed with brownies and cookies blended into the mixture.

Naked Dough

Cookie dough is created in a magical place and Naked Dough, located in both Westfield and Camden Lock, was sent to deliver it to the London masses. Started by a French-trained pastry chef, menu items include "emoji poos" and "nak-ed sheeran," see what they did there? These safe to eat, edible cookie dough treats are amazing and available to munch in house or online, who doesn't want a pint of cookie dough delivered to their door?

Marine Ices

Another choice for gelato and sorbet in London is Marine Ices, this Camden Market parlour was first opened in 1931 by Gaetano Mansi and has endured to this day. Marine Ices dishes out mouth-watering and authentic gelato and sorbet and the most enticing aspect of this shop is the menu list; there are numerous flavours to choose from in both the gelato and sorbet categories.

Greedy Goat

This Borough Market staple serves 'goat's milk ice cream in cups or cones in all 'it's creamy glory. The brand started in the market and now distributes glass jars of ice cream through their website. Goat's milk is ideal for anyone suffering from lactose intolerance, and Greedy Goat's particular brand of ice cream comes from pedigree goats living happily on Monach Farm in Essex. Good news for animal lovers and dairy haters all over!

Soft Serve Society

'Isn't that phrase fun to say? Alliteration aside, this soft serve dessert bar can be found tucked into Boxpark in Shoreditch or Market Hall Victoria. And it has a wide range of velvet swirls of ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth. Try matcha madness, one of their sundae cups, which is a combination of matcha tea ice cream, pocky, rice cake pieces, red bean paste and oreo cookies on top. Soft Serve Society also has activated charcoal cones for anyone needed a little detox with their sprinkles. Who else needs a giant ice cream cone right now? If you liked this guide to the best ice cream in London, you'll love our blog on our top picks for afternoon tea.

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