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The Best Vegan Burgers in West London

Our favourite vegan burgers in West London, including...

  • A couple of high-tech 'bleeding' fake meat burgers
  • Some more traditional bean and assorted veg options
  • And gratuitous photos of all of them

West London isn’t the kind of place you’d normally associate with burgers. Sure, everyone’s got an outpost out here in the west, but the kind of fast food that has revolutionised quick city eating in recent years tends to come from out east. But West London is somewhere you’d associate with veganism. However, it’s usually the health-conscious kind. The raw and quinoa and bean and flaxseed and chia egg and unsalted avocado kind. Nothing wrong with that, per se (maybe a little something). It’s just that sometimes you just want a flipping unhealthy and flavoursome patty, covered in something akin to cheese in its excessive dribbliness. You want it topped with crisp salad and a waterfall of tangy sauce. All between two sides the same light, airy bun. And sometimes you want chips by the side of all that. Sometimes you want a burger. Sometimes you want a vegan one. So here’s where to find them in the westerly reaches. It’s our list of the Best Vegan Burgers in West London.

Honest Burgers

As far as trials go, Honest Burgers’ test to see whether the UK was ready for Beyond Meat vegan burgers had pretty conclusive results. The Beyond Meat ‘bleeding’ patty sold out day after day during its limited run at their Kings Cross branch. So they’ve rolled their Plant burger out to every one of their stores in the UK. Made of the GMO-free beetroot, peas, potato starch and coconut oil, the patty has a convincing, satisfying texture that totally suits Honest Burgers’ medium, juicy, a little bit messy style. And the toppings are well-paired, flavoursome and not overpowering. The vegan smoked gouda and chipotle mayo (made by eco food company Rubies in the Rubble) give the Plant an edge, without blunting the patty’s influence. Ok, so these are the best vegan burgers in West London. This is a vegan burger list. This is not a chip check up or a French fries forecast. We promised ourselves we wouldn’t say this. But, for our money, Honest Burgers’ signature rosemary salted chips have a good claim on being the best fry-style chip in the city. And one more thing. Whisper it, but isn’t a kind of annoying when places charge for the burger...then another few quid for the chips? Honest Burger don’t. Maybe it’s their name. Maybe it’s just us. Forget we said anything. (Forget nothing). [caption id="attachment_4806" align="alignnone" width="1000"][/caption]

Dirty Bones

Another dark wood and red meat place that’s letting the vegan light in. Their original Kensington branch built up Dirty Bones’ reputation as the go-to place for NYC-inspired comfort food and cocktails. But since the uptick in requests for veggie and vegan options, Dirty Bones challenged themselves to come up with meat-free alternatives to their classic dishes. Enter their vegan burger. Dirty Bones grab their patties from UK-based Moving Mountains. It’s juicy, meaty and suits the indulgent, OTT style of their restaurant perfectly. Confidently classic toppings provide nice counterpoints, while letting you know where the main event is. Good bun too. Finally, you can eat at Dirty Bones without being jealous of your omnivorous chums/potential love interest to the point of tears. [caption id="attachment_4807" align="alignnone" width="1000"][/caption]

Wulf and Lamb

With a head chef formerly of Vanilla Black (Central London vegetarian restaurant royalty), Wulf and Lamb cook up a contemporary and adventurous plant-based menu. They seem just as aggravated by the idea that vegan food needs to be wimpy and stale as we and you are. Their focus is on making ‘ferocious’ cruelty-free food. So you can see where the name comes from. This place is predator (in tone) and prey (in diet), all at once. Like, they’re a wolf in one way...because they are fierce and have big teeth and tails. And they are a lamb, because....they eat plants and they are wooly and small? They’ll explain it better when you visit. We’re here for the Wulf Burger. It’s seitan, beaten so hard it’s given up trying to be anything but wonderfully moist and giving. The patty is well-seasoned and has a great colour to it. Topped with pickles, red onion and cashew aioli, this burger is light and heavy in all the right places. It comes with house sauerkraut and wedges, both of which we are fully on board with. [caption id="attachment_4808" align="alignnone" width="1000"][/caption]

Patty & Bun

As a vegan, when you went to Patty & Bun a couple years back, you probably had a good time. You probably had some nice chips. If you were feeling confident enough, you might’ve even asked for their mushroom burger with all the cheese and butter removed. The staff were probably super friendly. And your company...well, they’re colleagues more than friends really, aren’t they. But still. Nice enough, nice enough. As a vegan, when you go to Patty & Bun now, you will have a great time. The chips taste just a little more satisfying. The staff are just as smiley. And you couldn’t care less if you’re sitting opposite the love of your life or Dave from Accounts. Because Patty & Bun do vegan burgers now. And Patty & Bun do very good vegan burgers indeed. You can grab the Whoopi Goldburger, a tempeh and mushroom fritter with smokey vegan gouda. Or you can pick the Pamela, which features a plant-based patty in the staring role, backed up by non-bacon bacon and dairy-free cheddar. Whichever you order, Dave will be asking for a bite. If anyone but the love of your life asks for a nibble, you’ll be saying a big fat nope. [caption id="attachment_4809" align="alignnone" width="1000"][/caption]

The Gate

The Gate’s beetroot burger comes served on a pretzel bun, with a finely smoked tomato relish, tangy cornichons and a well-dressed salad. Compared with others on this list, it can look a little measly on the plate. But the charred patty has a depth of flavour that few other vegan burgers can muster, so that's why it rounds off our list of the best vegan burgers in West London. Order with a side of The Gate’s herby polenta fries if you’re worried you’ll end up buying a bag of crisps on the way home. The crisp and golden polenta shards suit their garlic aioli accompaniment down to the ground. [caption id="attachment_4810" align="alignnone" width="1000"][/caption] That's it for now, but if you have any comments then let us know in the box below. And check out more food articles on the London Pass blog, like this one

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