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Bloomsbury Festival 2019

Bloomsbury Festival is back for another year of innovative showcases and exhibitions. But before we dig down into the ins and outs of this colourful event, there are several things we have come to expect.

What to expect from Bloomsbury Festival

The first is that this years’ festival will undoubtedly lift the mood on the dreary London weather associated with this time of year. Colourful costumes will meet the gentle chill of October air and brighten its dimness. The sound of live music will mix with the smell of street food and spread through the streets; reviving the crowds of families and performers. The second is that the event will surely throw out the rule book on traditional exhibits as its’ art will spill out onto the streets of London. Expect to see actors parading around art displays, dance routines performed amidst the greenery of Bloomsbury Park, and even science explored through music. That’s the beauty of this festival: It seeks first and foremost to inspire through any form of collaboration. [caption id="attachment_5340" align="aligncenter" width="620"]

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When is it?

The festival runs every year in October and lasts for five days. This year, it kicks off from the 11 October – 20 October. Alternately, if you miss the bulk of the festival, there are many things to come and see throughout the year. The festival delivers community engagement and art projects across the year including the award-winning project, ‘Festival in a Box’ which aims to bring together artists and people living with dementia to provide engaging social experiences.

What is Bloomsbury Festival?

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image credit:[/caption] Bloomsbury is home to a multitude of prestigious cultural, intellectual and educational institutions. Including University College London (UCL) and Bloomsbury Publishing. Bloomsbury has contributed to numerous impactful developments in art, science and literature. The festival was established in 2006. It draws thousands of visitors each year to celebrate the areas success and vibrant culture. The festival puts on around 130 events across the five days and brings together more than 120 organisations, 1,000 artists and hundreds of students. Moreover, Bloomsbury Festival is more than just a showcase, it’s an innovative blend of artists, academics, scientists, dancers, musicians, publishers and school pupils. Each exhibit and is an amalgamation of incredible talents.

Where is it?

You’ll find this intellectual and literary hub tucked away in the outskirts of Camden. The festival itself branches out onto several key areas. Including Store Street, Cromer Street and Holy Cross Church.

What’s on at Bloomsbury Festival?

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Cromer Street Welcomes the Moon

On the street:

Gather your family and friends as you party under the full moon. Celebrate with music dance, exhibitions and activities as you indulge in street food from the stalls dotted about the area. Expect to see some of the area’s best musical talent as you browse the inventory of pop-up shops.


Shuffle over and enjoy the rhythmic routines of Indrani Datta Dance in 'Mishteaze- The Land of Sweets'. Both events are free, so all you have to do is turn up and have a great time.

Under the Moon at Holy Cross Church

Ever wanted to experience what the moons’ surface looks like? Well, we can’t promise you a trip to the moon, but the ‘Under the Moon’ festival comes pretty close. Pop into Holy Cross Church to view Luke Jerram’s ‘Museum of the Moon’ exhibition. Get up close and personal to this Luna, internally lit sculpture measuring seven metres in diameter. The model features detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface and an evolving soundscape. (13 October1pm – 8pm). The festival revives again in an engaging day of arts and science in the ‘Under the Moon Festival Hub.’ Learn about all things mood-related with workshops, exhibitions, talks, yoga classes and performances for the whole family.

Small Steps... Big Ideas Festival

These events are focused on current global issues, including climate change, toxic politics, and inequality. The festival includes rousing talks, vital debates and thought-provoking exhibitions. Discover the small steps and giant leaps Bloomsbury pioneers have taken to help pave the way to a better future. Rock up and join in for free, but this event can get quite busy, so pre-booking is highly recommended.

Hello Moon! 1969 Tea Dance- Festival Finale

The festival comes to a groovy close with an afternoon of vintage glamour and dance. Looking pick up a few new dance moves or improve your rhythm? This is the event for you. Travel back to 1969 with Ragroof Tea Dance in the ballroom of the Kimpton Fitzroy, London. Join in with these easy to follow classes and learn the classic tea dance rhythms to a moon themed soundtrack. Dance your way through some of the 60s most iconic dance crazes like the Twist, the Madison and the Locomotion. Then ease your way into the 1970s with the Soul Train Boogie. No dance partners needed, just dress to impress in your finest 1969-inspired garms. This is the ball to top all balls. If moving and shaking isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it! There will also be demonstrations taking place on the dance floor and bars serving drinks, tea, cakes and more. Ticket will set you back £12 with a £10 concession price and includes a complimentary gin drink. (20 October, 3pm – 6pm). Book your tickets here.

Our verdict

[caption id="attachment_5346" align="alignnone" width="720"]

image credit:[/caption] Whether you're looking to drop by and enjoy some live music and food or get involved in the workshops, Bloomsbury Festival is jam-packed with more than enough exhibits and interactive events to keep you engaged. So check it out!

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