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BODY WORLDS London: Body Facts

  • BODY WORLDS London is one of the capital’s leading new attractions
  • Entry to BODY WORLDS London is now included with the London Pass
  • We’re marking that fact by celebrating the human body, with a mega list of extraordinary anatomical facts
  • You’ll find out plenty more body facts during your visit to BODY WORLDS London with your London Pass

BODY WORLDS London is now on the London Pass! To celebrate the fact that all London Pass holders can now get into the fantastically popular anatomic attraction, paying nothing at the gate, we’ve assembled a list of some of the most amazing facts about the human body. Some jaw-droppers, some chin-scratchers, some to make you smile smugly because you knew them already. Some you can challenge us about in the comments box at the foot of this page. And they're interspersed with some brilliant pictures from BODY WORLDS London. Here we go...

Body Facts

Let's start with a fun one: your brain dries out as you get older Your brain is sometimes more active whilst you’re asleep than it is when you’re awake. But try telling that to your boss Stomach acid is powerful stuff. If it touched your skin, it could burn through it You produce a gallon of mucus each day Your cornea is the only part of your body which has no blood supply. It gets the oxygen it requires straight from the air You’re taller when you wake up than you are when you go to sleep. It’s because the soft cartilage separating your bones gets squished throughout the day as the world weighs down on your shoulders You have fewer bones as you get older Your skin is your largest organ Your mouth creates around a litre of saliva each day. Across your life, you’ll make about five hundred bathtubs worth of saliva A quarter of your body’s bones are located in your feet

Each square inch of skin contains over six metres of blood vessels. In total, your body contains more than 100,000 miles of blood vessels. That could wrap around the earth four times Uncoil all the DNA in your body and it would be around 10 billion miles long. That could get you to Pluto and back Your tongue print is unique to you, just like your fingerprints Koalas also have unique fingerprints Humans are the only animals with chins Human teeth are as strong as those of a shark. But your jaw is nowhere near as strong, unfortunately Decomposition of your body begins in less than five minutes after your death as your enzymes and bacteria begin breaking you down. Not particularly sentimental types, enzymes and bacteria When you smell something familiar, but can’t quite put your finger on it, don’t worry. Your nose is able to smell three trillion different smells, so that’s a big old olfactory Rolodex to flick through You shed 600,000 skin particles an hour, and will go through as many as 900 entire skins in your lifetime Across your lifetime, you will spend around a whole year sitting on the toilet...playing iPhone games

If you weed in a bath every time you had a wee, you’d fill the bath within a month. Try it today! All people with blue eyes share the same ancestor who lived around 10,000 years ago People used to believe kidneys were the part of the body where reasoning occurred, the conscience in an organ. Aristotle thought the heart was the centre of intelligence If you’re born with just one kidney, it can grow to be a similar weight to two kidneys and perform just as well as a pair Your liver is the heaviest internal organ in your body Around eight percent of your body weight is blood By the time you reach six, your brain is already 90% of its final size Brains are wrinkly. If you were to iron out those wrinkles, your brain would be about the size of a pillowcase You can fit 10,000 human cells on a pinhead Sorry to mention this, but you’ve got mites living in your eyelashes

When you blush, it’s because you’ve had a rush of adrenaline. When you blush, the inside of your stomach blushes too. Humans are the only species known to blush Genetically speaking, human beings are more than 99 percent identical to one another In the race of the fastest-growing parts of the human body, hair comes in second to bone The strongest muscle in your body. Biceps? Nope. Glutes? Nah. It’s your jaw muscles And the fastest muscles in your body are your extraocular muscles. They allow your eyeballs to move Babies blink five times less than adults. On average, an adult blinks 10 times a minute, babies just two. So babies just can’t get enough of the world. But adults, they’ve seen enough Babies can’t cry tears until they’re at least a month old. So it takes just one month for the world to wear them down The liver has around 500 different functions. These include removing toxins from the bloodstream, producing antibodies and making bile It may be small, but your little finger is responsible for half of your hand’s strength The liver can almost completely grow back

According to studies, women’s brains shrink during pregnancy. But this is actually thought to make them more efficient Your heart can shoot blood over nine metres. It pumps over 5 litres of blood around your body each minute, which is around three million litres of blood each year. Over the course of your life, your heart will have pumped enough blood to fill an entire football stadium, which would be very disruptive Brains can function for between five and 10 minutes without oxygen The length of an adult small intestine is approximately 23 feet A human’s nose and ears never stop growing On average, a human breathes around 200,000 times per day

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