Get Inspired! Famous Quotes - New Year's Resolutions

Get inspired by historical figures and their famous quotes when making your New Year's Resolutions, here are our top picks!

As we get closer to 2017 and welcoming the new year with open arms, now is the time that people tend to reflect on their year and how they'd like to better themselves. Here at London Pass, we've decided to take inspiration from words of wisdom and quotes by some of history's famous faces. So, if you're planning on making one, two, five or even 10 New Year's resolutions for self-improvement in 2017, hopefully these lesser-known quotes will keep you motivated!

Looking to be more productive in 2017? Brush up your daily routine - wake up earlier, give yourself time to eat a healthy breakfast (not just grabbing a coffee on the morning commute) and make sure you don't waste the day! Want to learn more about Benjamin Franklin? Head to the Benjamin Franklin House, the historic London residence one of America's Founding Fathers.

As we've learnt from the tragic losses in 2016 (RIP Bowie, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Victoria Wood, Gene Wilder, Alan Rickman, Andrew Sachs, Leonard Cohen... the list goes on...), life is short and can be unexpected. So, don't be afraid to take on new adventures, however big or small and live life to the full. Want to learn more about Florence Nightingale? Visit the Florence Nightingale Museum and learn about this social reformer and pioneer of modern nursing.

If you make small adjustments to how you approach things that happen in your life, both good and bad, it can make a big difference to your stress-levels and overall happiness. Don't sweat the small stuff! Want to find out more about Winston Churchill? Head to Churchill War Rooms and explore Churchill's wartime underground headquarters!

If you're prone to running 10 or 30 minutes late, perhaps repeat this mantra to yourself in an effort to be more prompt! Want to discover more about The Bard? Visit the reconstruction of Shakespeare's historic 16th century playhouse and take a behind-the-scenes tour of the open-air Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

Be kind, be loving and don't block yourself off from feeling your emotions. He created some of the world's best-known characters and is known as the greatest novelist of the Victorian world. Learn all about Charles Dickens at his former home, the now Charles Dickens Museum.

Don't stress yourself out by dwelling on the past or on things you cannot change. Learn from your experiences and move on from them. Did you know, you can visit Queen Elizabeth I at Westminster Abbey? She is among 20+ monarchs who are buried in the Abbey.

Planning on a dry January? Or perhaps generally plan on cutting down on the booze this year? Repeat Henry VIII's words in your head everytime you want to reach for a pint or a glass of wine! Walk the same halls as iconic Tudor king Henry VIII when you visit Hampton Court Palace!

Learn something new this year! Whether you plan on taking up a new language (or want to brush up your existing skills), learning an instrument, taking a fitness class or even learn about other cultures by planning to travel more, don't lose the thirst for knowledge and learning! Queen Victoria was raised in Kensington Palace before she became Queen at 18 and moved into Buckingham Palace. Now the residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, head to this historic royal palace to learn more about the Victorian monarch.

Don't be afraid of a challenge, use it as an opportunity to excel! Visit our dear Queen Lizzie at her favourite weekend home, Windsor Castle. Famous for its architecture and as a Royal place of residence, the Castle was built in the 11th century after the Norman invasion.

Don't be a tattle-tale or gossip queen next year. Engage less in your vices and you'll feel a lot more centred! Discover the world of the great Romantic poet, John Keats with a visit to his stunning Georgian villa, Keats House.

Are you planning to make New Year's Resolutions? Got any inspirational quotes you like to live by? We want to hear from you! Share in the comments below!

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