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Horror tour of London

Will you be in London this Halloween? Are you ready to be spooked? With a reputation of being the most haunted capital in the world, there are plenty of ways to celebrate all hallows eve on the 31st October with a true spook-tacular tour of London. Gone are the days of trick or treating, why not take it up a notch (if you dare!) and learn about the real horrors of London’s past. From the Tower of London and its brutal prison, to the eerie tombs of the London Bridge Experience, there’s something for everyone – whether you prefer it tame or terrifying. Tower of London The Tower of London is one of the city’s most iconic historic buildings. Dating back to William the Conqueror in 1066, this fortress is steeped in gruesome history and is the perfect place to learn about London’s scary past. The Tower of London’s prison was a sentence no one wanted. It promised dark, dingy dungeons and brutal tortures. As the State Prison it was the go-to place for anyone who had committed treason which convicted anyone of attempted murder of the monarch or even bad-mouthing the monarch! People feared being sentenced to the Tower of London and its reputation spread around the country. Despite only 22 executions over the long history, it was the torture – both mental and physical – which was the most feared; and perhaps worse than death. Torture during the Tudor period was rife when instruments of torment and pain, such as the rack and the manacles, were in popular use. Prisoners were thrown into dark chambers in the White Tower and only those who were unlucky enough lived to tell the tale... London Bridge Experience Having won the ‘scariest attraction’ for 5 years running, you’re in for a treat at the London Bridge & London Tombs Experience. Definitely one for the brave, this top attraction is well worth a visit for Halloween; and trust us, you’ll know why it won all those awards. The history of London Bridge dates back thousands of years (as far back as 53 AD) so the bridge itself has seen plenty of bloodshed over time. London Bridge Experience will take you through the ages from the Romans, Vikings and into Medieval London, right up to the murders of Jack the Ripper and the Mastern Brothers. Around every corner lurks a nasty surprise, especially in the London Tombs, the second part of the London Bridge Experience. The London Tombs used to be a plague pit, so you can image the thousands of victims who were thrown in there to die. Walk through the tunnels dripping with blood and try not to bump into the ghouls, ghost, spiders and rats that will follow you on your terrifying journey. If you’re brave enough, London Bridge Experience is also running a Phobophobia experience from 25th October to 1st November, if you’re really up for a fright... Haunted tour Best LDN Walks If you’d rather mix pain with pleasure, why not join in on a haunted pub tour instead. Hosted by Best LDN Walks, their popular Haunted Pub Tour happens every Wednesday and takes you on a walk around the eerie pubs in London (of which there are many!) From tales of dirty alley murders to knocking on the door of Sweeney Todd’s old house, you’ll be faced with poltergeists, witch hunts and grave robbers. But it’s ok because you can stop in for some Dutch courage on the way. If you want more, every Sunday, Best LDN Walks run a Haunted Walk tour which takes you around the ‘supernatural underbelly’ of England’s historic capital. Spanning hundreds of years, the tour will take you through Satanism, Tudor torture and spiritual spectres. You might want to take your camera, just in case you spot something...

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