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Interview with: Best LDN Walks Royal Tour of London

Best LDN Walks is the brainchild of young owner, manager, director, tour guide extraordinaire, Charlotte Kennedy, who at only 26 years of age has set up one of London's best new walking tours. Aimed at those looking for a unique tour of London with a penchant for the interesting and the unknown, Kennedy praises herself on her signature tour of Royal London which delves into the past lives of the royal family, including their secrets and scandals! Best LDN walks is a great tour of London for those with a family, and especially those history buffs. We went along on one of her Royal Tours and asked Charlotte a bit about herself and what you can discover on her tour of London. What are Best LDN Walks? Best LDN Walks are tours for those people who, like me are obsessively curious and who want a unique, easy going, educational but more importantly awesome time in London. As long as you have a sense of humour then we’ll all get along very well. What can someone learn on one of your tours? You will learn the craziest little facts about the people who have shaped not just Britain but the World. My tour of London is really good for picking up those little facts that you can recite in the pub or with your friends which always make people giggle or spark debate. What parts of London can you explore on the tour? My tours cover pretty much the whole of London. I cover, the older City of London looking at where the Roman City of London began as well as covering The Great Fire of London, the plague, Tower Bridge and The Tower of London. I also have several tours around Westminster, the royal quarter of Pall Mall and St James swell as a few tours centered in The West End, Covent Garden and Soho, not forgetting The East End of London in Shoreditch where we go on street art safari. I like the Naughty London Tour in Southwark which looks at the Tudor Kings and queens and the totally disgusting and hilarious antics everyone got up to south of the river and I even do private trips to Greenwich. What’s your favourite place in London? Favourite place.....ooooh that’s a tough one. It depends on my mood. When I get tired of the noise and smells of London then I head out to Greenwich, have a walk around the painted hall, visit the Gyspy Moth pub for pint then stomp up the Planetarium. I also love the National Gallery, especially on Friday nights I’ll plug in my head phones and stroll through the galleries and hallways. Shopping around Jermyn Street, Mayfair and St James is pretty good, just for the heritage and “British-ness” of the places. The Soho Hotel is awesome for afternoon tea and dinner - it’s this gorgeous boutique hotel tucked away in Soho and it's a great place to go celeb spotting. You never know who you’ll bump into. I do have very specific favourite coffee shops, cake shops and cocktail bars but they are really tucked away and very closely guarded secrets. Bribe me with cake and I might tell you! Tell us a secret about the royals and the scandals of the past? Well if I told you that I’d be giving away my material. The one person I can talk for hours about is King George IV and his terrible marriage to Caroline of Brunswick. He was so fat his tummy hit the floor when he took his man-corset off and she was described as smelling like a farm and swearing like a fisherman! What’s the funniest thing someone has asked on one of your tours? Oh boy, that’s good question! Some people when they come on holiday get, what I call holiday brain (and I get it when I go away so I know the feeling) so things like, pointing at Big Ben and asking is that the Tower of London or asking which side of the River London Bridge is on or asking when the Queen is due to die. I could write a whole funny list of things I’ve asked but I wouldn’t want to offend certain nations! Personally, the funnier, the stupider the questions the better because it brightens me day up. What makes London so fascinating? I think the best thing about London is the fact that there is SO much going on. There is literally something for everyone no matter what you desire. We have so many little secret hidey-holes tucked away and in my opinion some of the most beautiful buildings. London is visually stunning and it’s like a walking museum especially if you go into the City of London it’s where old smashes into new which have given us some great results. So in a nutshell, why should people come on your tour of London.... I hope people will join our tour; it's very fun, very casual, you have a few giggles and hopefully I can give you some suggestions on how to make your trip even better. Plus we go into a really awesome pub which everyone loves!

Best LDN Walks tours take place daily at 1pm departing from Trafalgar Square. A short toilet break and time for refreshments will take place half way through the tour. The route could be subject to group size, road closure and special events. Exceptional closures due to adverse weather conditions are possible, advance tour bookings are highly recommended so you can be informed of any such closures or cancellations.

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