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FAQs: The London Bridge Experience

What is the London Bridge Experience?

Simply put, the London Bridge Experience is a two-pronged attraction: an immersive guided tour through the history of London Bridge, followed by a descent into a haunted-house style maze situated in the old site of the London Tombs, deep below London Bridge station. It’s an educational, engrossing theatre experience, designed to draw you in, scare you a bit, and then leave you with a smile on your face and a few more facts in your head.

So the first part is educational?

Absolutely it is. It takes you through the history of London Bridge, starting around 53 A.D. when the Romans became the first people to create a bridge crossing the Thames. You’ll meet Roman soldiers and townsfolk who’ll introduce you to the sights, smells and customs of their age; then you’re off to join the rebel army of Queen Boudicca as they wage war on the Romans and plot to burn London Bridge down. The attraction takes you through the Medieval period with all their rich historical intrigue and bloody, desperate events, right up to The Great Fire of London is 1666.

What do you mean I’ll ‘meet Roman soldiers’?

Well, they’re actors. But they put on an impressive, absorbing show. They get really into their roles, so it’s like having a guided tour run by someone from the time period. “And, coming up on your left you can see the severed head of William Wallace.” That kind of thing, but much better.

And the second part? The London Tombs?

After the Great Fire of London sweeps across the bridge, devastating all in its path, you’re taken through The Vortex.

The what?

The Vortex. It’s the entrance to Hell. And the next part of the experience. It’s also the time when younger visitors and those who don’t want too much spook or gore get a chance to leave.

OK, I’m heading through The Vortex. What’s next?

Firstly, welcome to hell.

The London Tombs section, the second part of the experience, is a scare attraction, created on the site of an old plague pit. Rumoured to be haunted, with paranormal investigators picking up on ghostly goings on over the years, the London Tombs is a labyrinthine area filled with things designed to make you jump, scream or pretend you’re, like, totally cool with it actually.

What kind of things are down there?

Well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise. But if you’re afraid of ghosts, clowns, chainsaw-wielding maniacs, spiders or satan, then there’s something down here for you.

What are the age restrictions?

There are no age restrictions for the London Bridge Experience. However, the London Tombs area is entirely optional, and you can make it clear that you want out before heading through the Vortex and down into the unending psychological and physical torment of hell. Also, they run something here called the Guardian Angel Tour, available to the under 16s, which allows youngsters to see the lights and sounds and scenes down in the Tombs, but with no actors jumping up and scaring or chasing them. The London Bridge Experience says that the whole attraction is best for the over 4s and recommends against bringing anyone younger.

Does the London Bridge Experience have disabled access?

Yes it does, with a lift taking you down to The Tombs. However, there are a number of obstacles on the main route that won’t allow a wheelchair past, so there are a few short detours to go on, but you’ll soon be back with your group.

Are there any people the London Bridge Experience is not suitable for?

The people at the London Bridge Experience advise that the London Tombs section is unsuitable for people in the late stages of pregnancy, and those with heart conditions, epilepsy, claustrophobia or a nervous disposition. However, the first section, which is more educational, amusing and historical, is suitable for everyone. However, it is at the visitor’s discretion.

How much does the London Bridge Experience cost?

The attraction is usually £27.95 for adults, £22.50 for children and £25.95 for concessions. However, it is included with your London Pass, so you can just turn up (no booking required) and enjoy the next show.

How do I get to the London Bridge Experience?

By tube or rail, arrive at London Bridge station. Then take the Tooley Street exit and it’s directly opposite.

When are the London Bridge Experience opening hours?

Monday to Friday, it’s open from 10am until 5pm, with the first show on at 10.30am. On the weekend, it’s open from 9.30am to 6pm, with the first show at 10.00am. During the school holidays, they are open with weekend hours throughout the week. They’re closed on Christmas Day.

Is there anything to eat or drink there?

Yes, there’s a dessert parlour, offering a colourful, totally OTT selection of crepes, sundaes, waffles and milkshakes. It’s open 7 days a week, 10am to 9pm. Need more inspiration on things to do in London? Check this out.

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