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London Ghost Tours: A Local's Guide

WoooooOOOOOoooo. Ghosts. Whether you believe in them or not, they are everywhere. In your kitchen cupboards. Crouched above your bedroom door. There's even one behind you. Right now. Watching you. And yes, they saw what was on that other tab. Filth. So now you know all about their existence, it's time to turn the tables and hunt them down. And where better to start than London? England's capital city has endured millennia of strife, conflict and unimaginable horrors in the past. These days the most shocking thing you'll see in London is someone riding an electric unicycle, but there are countless skeletons within its closet. So don your most protective hunting gear, pack your night-vision camera, and stuff your pockets with garlic (wait is that vampires? Maybe they can be ghosts too). Here's everything you need to know about the best London Ghost Tours.

London Ghost Walks

<span data-mce-type="bookmark" class="mce_SELRES_start"></span> The self-stylised 'original London ghost tour', London Ghost Walk is led by paranormal author Richard Jones. He's been leading fellow ghost hunters through the spooky streets since 1982, and has written 18 books on the subject. 18. That's like reading the Harry Potter series three times. Richard knows what he's talking about, and after leading over 5000 tours, he's the perfect host too. A stickler for research, Jones' doesn't just spook his audience with the usual tales of Victorian hauntings and headless knights. He takes you to the locations of recent ghost sightings. These could have been within a matter of weeks or even days. And rather than simply regurgitate the stories, he acts them out in bone-chilling authenticity. You could even say he is possessed... by the spirit of entertainment. You'll hang on his every word. You'll recoil at every ghoulish detail. And you'll also have a damn good time. He has three walks to choose from - Friday's 'The Condemned and Cursed', Saturday's 'The Doomed and the Dead', and Sunday's 'The Dead of the Night'. You can book all of these on his website. Splendid.

The Ghost Bus Tours

If you're looking for a more jovial jaunt through London's grim ghosties, The Ghost Bus Tours could be just the ticket. It's the UK's only 'comedy-horror theatre sightseeing experience on wheels'. Once you board the Necrobus (yes, it's actually called that), replete with velvet carpets and antique lamps, their wonderful tour guides - all classically trained actors - will take you on an exhilarating journey into London's ghostly underbelly. You'll ride past Buckingham Palace and Downing Street, all the way to the London Eye. All ages are welcome, and even the likes of Johnny Depp and err, The Prodigy have all given The Ghost Bus Tours their stamp of approval. You'll learn all about historic royal executions, and the resultant spirits that are trapped between our world and the world beyond. Tours start from anywhere between 6-9pm, and if you're looking to hold an event, they even do private hires. Just make sure you book in advance if you don't want to miss out.

Haunted London Pub Tour

It's no secret that ghosts love alcohol. Why do you think they're always hanging around you? So why not increase your ghost hunting odds, and have a tipple or two, with Haunted London Pub Tour? It's a great way to get your friends - if you have any - involved. The tour involves London pubs, unsurprisingly, and you're sure to learn a lot about London's chequered history from the entertaining guides. Plus there's beer, or wine, or whatever poison you choose.

London Bridge Experience

Explore 2000 years of London's darkest history with the London Bridge Experience. It's one of the scariest attractions in London, so we'd recommend leaving the wee ones at home where they belong. See first hand what it was like for Boadicea to battle the Romans, experience the fate of traitors like the Gunpowder plotters, and discover the gory details of Jack the Ripper's killing spree. It's an interactive experience, with actors taking on the roles of each historical figure. And for those brave enough, the experience can be followed by a descent into the tombs beneath the bridge. Rumour has it that ghosts of the souls lost in the Great Fire still roam the caverns. Dare you face them? One of the unmissable London ghost tours, for sure.

Paranormal Activity Tour

If you want to really pull your sleeves up and get amongst it, then put your wits - and your sanity - to the test on a Paranormal Activity Tour. Over 2 hours, you'll come across London's biggest execution site, where thousands of bodies are buried right beneath the pavement. You'll walk where once the world's worst serial killer was held. You'll go to the London Gin Palace...for reasons. And at every stop, you'll investigate for signs of paranormal activity. Like the movies, except stuff will actually happen.

Punters get their hands on Oujia boards, dowsing rods and ghostly detectors to aid their ghost-hunting adventures. This is another adults-only affair, so say goodbye to your children. Though probably not. They'll need watering or however else you take care of kids. And that's our list of the best London ghost tours! If there are any others you'd highly recommend, let us know in the comments below and we will repent for our sins. What are you getting up to this Halloween? We'd love to know.

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