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The Best Vegan Desserts in North London

Is North London a Vegan Dessert Desert, or a Garden of Vegan Dessert Delights? Well, since we’ve put together an article called The Best Vegan Desserts in North London, it’s pretty clear what we think the answer is. But still, everyone needs a guide the first time they set off into a garden as rich and colourful as this. Come with us and we’ll show you where the vegan vines grow, dense and twisted and the bananas split, creamless, fresh from the tree. Where the plant-based plants bloom most brightly and the jam doughnut water feature shoots endless red spurts into the sky. And we’ll point out what’s edible on the vegan rock cake rock garden. Because, even if there’s plenty of choice around, it can be hard making sure you treat your vegan sweet tooth. You see, a vegan breakfast is easy enough to arrange. I’ll have my poached eggs and avocado on toast without the poached eggs and with a ton of makeweight garlicky mushrooms, please. Cruelty-free tea and coffee aren’t tough to order in big cities anymore. Do you want it with normal milk, sir? No thanks, I’ll take mine hempen, please. Lunches, dinners, snacks...menus have long had vegan options on them, whether they knew it or not. But the dessert menu is often still a desert when it comes to vegan choice. It’s hard to take the egg out of a cupcake once it’s already in there. And it’s tough to take the cheese out of a cheesecake, the cream off a cream cake. So we’re helping you out, as a vegan yourself or someone who’s trying to impress/cater for/please one. There’s plenty to get through, so we’ll focus on North London for today. Alright, enough vegan waffling. Here be the best vegan desserts in London...


No silly, not the toxic compound developed for military use in chemical warfare. We’re talking about the incredibly popular vegan junk food and cake shop that’s been delighting customer since it opened in 2010, actually. Their Oreo milkshakes and peanut butter cup lattes are sweet and satisfying enough as it is, but they really go the extra mile with their scratch-made Ruby’s of London cakes and wicked array of vegan patisserie. Vx’s fluffy-doughed eclairs come in great variety: gobble them down as a snack or savour one after a meal here. Anyone for vegan croissants? And their cream tea cakes are another favourite with their regulars. The cake slices - salted caramel one day, raspberry rose the next - will make non-vegans into believers. It’d be remiss not to mention their savoury stuff (of which there is a ton). Big, meaty meat-free burgers. Stuffed kebab wraps.If it’s dirty and decadent, it’s here. Veganised.

Crosstown Doughnuts

The relentless march of Crosstown Doughnuts and their army of gourmet ringed and filled treats is something to behold. Dough not get in their way. They’ve got stores open all across the city (including some vegan only ones), but Kings Cross commuters and tourists get theirs right outside the station, where Crosstown have a thriving little market stall. There’ll be a big store opening in the North before too long, we’re pretty darn sure about that. Their vegan range includes the summery, decadent Strawberry & English Sparkling Rose and the popular Lime & Coconut which uses spirulina dough. The Sour Cherry & Pistachio Dough Bite is ideal for anyone wanting something a bit diddier.

Doughnut Time

But who is this appearing on the horizon? Marching their psychedelically colourful troops over the hill to the march of a strawberry jam band? It’s Doughnut Time and their OTT ‘nuts. Many of their archers are making the V sign with their fingers. It means Vegan. Maybe it means Victory too. In the battle against Crosstown Doughnuts, we’ll say it’s a.....draw. For now. This pop culture-influenced Australian import has plenty of stores across the face of London, but the one that makes it into our Best Vegan Desserts in North London list is their Upper Street, Islington store. They bake their holey and stuffed delights daily, and the menu is always changing and swelling with punningly-named newbies. Our favourite vegan options include the Ice Ice Bae Bae, which is a deconstructed cookie bake session on a doughnut. And then there’s the David Hassel-Biscoff. The pun may be pretty torturous. But the Biscoff-topped caramel-glazed doughnut is anything but. It's certainly one of the best vegan desserts in North London.

Cookies and Scream

You can’t keep up with this place. It’s the kind of caff and bakery where the menu’s always hurtling off into the distance. Each day you’ll find something new here. It’s the way they like it. They’ve been doing well for themselves since their early days in Camden Market, so their experimental take on cakes and bakes is definitely working for them. The Cookies and Scream Holloway Road site serves up totally vegan and gluten-free treats. Grab a coffee and a slice of their cookie pie and you’re done for the day. You’ve reached your quota of sweetness and light and good times. You might have to double-straw the milkshakes. They are super rich and filling, even for the truest of vegan troopers. Recently, they started doing vegan ice cream cookie sandwiches. Read that last sentence again, vegans. Now grab your phone, wallet and keys and get down to Holloway Road. You’ll never look back.


Because not every vegan place in North London was born in the last five years. Not all of the best ones were formed when the Vegan Pound was strong. Not all of them rode into here on an Instagram wave. Before it was a thing, Manna was vegetarian. The restaurant opened in the 60s, so it has over 50 years experience under its fake leather belt. Originally a vegetarian restaurant, they’ve now ditched their veggie V-Plates for some 100% vegan ones. It’s all totally organic here as well. It’s a gourmet restaurant, so they twist classic dishes all over their menu. That’s true of the dessert course too. Their vegan sticky toffee pudding is comforting and satisfying; their selection of delicate petits fours are inventive and moreish. Manna also does a mezze option with their puds. They plate up three desserts to share, garnished with sorbets and (v)ice creams of your choice. You've reached the end of the article. Feel free to start it all over again, if you're in the mood for punishing yourself with dessert-based jealousy. Alternatively, try and spot the vegan fish and chip shop among these guys.

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