Tourism in the UK: Why You Should Visit London Today

Now is the time visit London - discover why tourism in the UK is booming!

Tourism in UK cities has always been a real treat for any traveller, and perhaps unsurprisingly, London is right at the heart of it all. If you’re thinking of visiting, regardless of whether you’re a newbie or you know the tube map like the back of your hand – now is certainly the time to swing on by! We’re going to tell you exactly why the UK, and London in particular, is the place to be this year.

The value of the pound has dipped

We’re going to start off with a language that everyone talks – money. Now, following on from the announcement of the EU referendum result in June, the value of the pound sterling has sharply dipped. In fact, in June it reached its 31-year low versus the dollar. Currently hovering around $1.32 per pound, this offers unprecedented value for any international traveller, and it doesn’t look to be making a recovery any time soon. This means that tourism in UK cities like London costs comparatively less than it did just months before now. In fact, you’ll be saving upwards of 10% if you visited now, versus if you’d have visited in the weeks before the referendum. Surely this is the perfect time to take advantage of the steep drop in prices and enjoy that delicious spot of tea with the queen, right?

London is full to the brim of attractions and activities for all

Whether you’d like to watch a parade at Buckingham Palace, or visit one of our world famous museums such as the V&A, even if you’d like to have a nice stroll around one of the city’s many parks – there’s literally something for everyone here! As well as famous sightseeing attractions, there is a unique and varied cultural scene with music, theatre and festivals all year round. If it’s something slightly different and off of the beaten track you’d like to do, why not read our article on Unusual Things to Do in London? Of course, it’s not really a day in London without a spot of afternoon tea – so do try to remember to fit that in at some point! If you’re not all too keen on crowded places, there are plenty of secluded spots as well, and with activities to suit every budget, so don’t be surprised if you end up with change left in your pocket at the end of a busy day. The most popular attractions in London include museums and galleries such as the British Museum, National Gallery, Natural History Museum and Tate Modern.

Our culture is one of a kind

You’ve probably seen snippets of it on the TV or you may have had a taste during a previous visit, but what is British culture really like? In short, we’re a funny bunch of folk. Here’s a breakdown of some of them that you can really look forward to and enjoy on your visit. First on the list is incredible politeness. It’s not uncommon for us Brits to apologise when someone bumps into us! If you need directions, there’ll always be someone on hand to help and the locals are generally more than happy to lend a hand. The pub is our meeting ground. This is particularly true of London, where you’ll find bustling streets full of bars, restaurants and cafés. But, nothing beats a good old British pub! We like to think of our local “boozer” as our front room. Everyone respects the establishment and the establishment respects them back. We simply love the warm fuzzy feeling of familiar surroundings, and a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy with our friends. Next up is our sense of humour. It really is something special – take the term special, as you will. We love a joke and exchanging friendly insults is a common pastime for us. That’s not to say you’ll be insulted as you walk down the street, in fact, being on the end of such insults is actually more of a privilege reserved for a chosen few! Last, but by no means least is our language. From the traditional Queen’s English, all the way to cockney rhyming slang, and everything in between, we really have made the language our own. Diversity is at the heart of it all, so regardless of where you’re from and what your story is, you’re sure to receive an incredibly warm welcome, and perhaps even an invite to the pub.

London is well-connected

We’re not just talking about people here (although there are plenty of celebs knocking around) – the transport links in and around London are second-to-none. In fact, you could hop on a train in London and be in Edinburgh within around 4 hours! Pretty much anywhere else in the UK you’d like to swing by on your visit is well within reach. It’s because of these excellent connections that many people choose to make London their hub for the duration of their stay in the UK, or even choose to move here. With so many wonderful places within touching distance, it just makes perfect sense. The UK is waiting for you – and London will be holding up your placard at the airport! With the fall in the pound, the endless bound of attractions, the fantastic transport hubs and the sheer excitement and magic waiting for you on every corner, tourism in UK cities is booming at the moment and we’d absolutely love to have you stay here with us.
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