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True or False: the royal borough of Windsor & Eton

How good is your knowledge of Windsor & Eton? It is home to the historic Windsor Castle, the Queen’s preferred residence, and much loved by the men in the royal family who all attended the prestigious boy’s school, Eton College. Try and answer these tricky questions to test yourself!

True or False:

Eton has one of the only remaining vertical slotted letter boxes in the UK?
True! If you go down half way down Eton High Street you’ll see an original mid-19th-century red ‘pillar box’ which has a vertical letter slot.

The prestigious Eton College was originally founded as a charity school?
True! A real rags to riches story, Eton College, was originally founded as a charity school in 1440 by King Henry VI to provide free education to 70 poor boys. It is now the prestigious Public School for 1,300 13-18 year old boys who wear an eye-catching uniform of tailcoats and colourful waistcoats. If you didn’t already know, Prince William and Harry both attended Eton College.

Inigo Jones built and designed Windsor Guild Hall?
False. Windsor Guild Hall was completed in 1687 by Sir Christopher Wren – who also designed St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Here, in the Guild Hall, you can view the many magnificent portraits that have been lent by the Queen for display. It also houses a Museum which has a lot of historical local information and is great for the kids.

Windsor is home to the shortest street in England?
True! Charlotte Street is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the shortest street in England.

The Crooked House has always been called so since being built?
False. The real name of the leaning Crooked House is actually Marketcross House. Built in 1634, its structure has fallen over time and now it has become famous for its leaning structure. It has been an Antique shop, florist, butchers and a public house over its 400 years.

There is a blue Post Box in Windsor?
True! Look out for the old blue Air Mail Post Box which commemorates the first ever air mail from Windsor to Hendon in 1911.

The Long Walk is actually only a few meters long?
False. The Long Walk (created by Charles II in 1670) measures 2.5 miles and is a straight line from the end of Park Street right down from Windsor Castle. It’s a great one to walk for a spectacular view of the Castle.

Shakespeare once lived in Windsor?
True, it’s said that William Shakespeare lived in number 7 Church Street whilst he was writing the Merry Wives of Windsor. Coincidentally, this was next door to the house of Charles II’s favourite mistress – where, rumour had it, there was a secret tunnel underground leading into the castle.

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