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Your Weekly Roundup & Quiz Questions

Another week has drawn to a close. While the sun still stubbornly shines in the sky, you'll probably want to make the most of it. Short of ideas? Don't worry about it. Here are five things for you to do this weekend and some quiz questions to get you in the mood for WINNING. WINNING THE WEEKEND.

Friday Quiz Questions

Now that you've failed miserably at our Friday quiz questions, here's your reward. The aforementioned five things!

Go on a pub crawl

When drinking in one establishment simply won't cut it, try going to a bunch. We've all been on pub crawls before, but recently there's been a rise in curated crawl experiences. Look no further than the Monopoly Pub Crawl. That's right, everyone's favourite Christmas-ruining, family-splitting board game just got real. An alarming 26 stops make up the crawl, which unsurprisingly mirrors the squares on the infamous game. Don't make any other plans for the rest of the day, or the weekend for that matter. And if simply thinking of Monopoly brings back to many holiday-related PTSD flashbacks, there are lots of others to choose from too.

Eat out, it's been a tough week

We all know how exhausting turning the oven on and sticking in some chicken nuggets can be. It's OK champ, you can't expect to be Gordon Ramsay every night of the week. So why not go to your local and sample some of the gastro goodness? But what if chicken nuggets are only on the kids menu, and the bags under your eyes mean you can't pass for 25 let alone 12? Settle down. We've taken all of the hard work away. If you still have enough energy to think and click, simply take our super amazing fun pub food quiz. Blindly do as we tell you and you can't go wrong.

Sip coffee like an "intellectual"

If you need some hardcore, no-nonsense caffeine to stir the senses after getting on it, don't settle for instant. Instead, why not stumble outside and check out some of the best coffee in London? These beans are sure to whiten even the most bloodshot of eyes, and you might even find a place you can boast about to all your cafe connoisseur friends. At work, if you have a job. Or on social media, if you do not. They say a coffee a day keeps the alcohol anxiety away. They couldn't be wrong, could they?

Do something with your grumpy adolescents

If you're suffering a weekend with teenagers, apologies in advance. Sorry, I mean oh how wonderful for you! You'll probably want to know what to do with them once they've finished watching Teen Mom or whatever else teenagers do these days. Well. You'll never guess what. Yep, that's right, we've already done all the work for you. You are very welcome. Thankfully, there's lots for teens to do in London, no matter how big, small, grumpy and/or well behaved they are. The London Bridge Experience is frightfully delightful, but only the bravest of souls dare enter. Alternatively, the sunnier LEGOLAND® is another great choice. Fans of the LEGO movies will love Apocalypseburg, which faithfully recreates locations from the films, and gives people a fantastic peek behind the curtain.

Or just go to a pub, you fantastically British human

It always ends up being a pub, doesn't it? We're so very, very predictable. But why not jazz up your weekend by visiting some of the oldest pubs in London? Pubs like Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. You know that one's old because of all the 'e's. It was rebuilt after that whole fire fiasco back in 1666, and each room has a very distinctive flavour. Its entrance is Victorian, yet its cellar was built by monks. It sounds crazy, but it's just crazy enough to work. Besides, the likes of Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan-Doyle and Mark Twain have once called it their local. Maybe it will give you the inspiration to finish that novel sitting on your desktop. Yes, that novel. The semi-biographical one that will catapult you out of your dead-end job and into publishing stardom. They'd even make a musical out of it, if only you could finish the damn thing. There you go. No need to fret. There's more than enough for you there to get inspired this weekend. If you have made other plans, then that's OK, we won't judge you. Why not let us know what in the comments below?

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