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Why You Need to Visit LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort Now

With the best of the weather behind us, summer is well and truly on its way out. The kids are probably sulking, knowing full well that school is on the horizon. Why not get them in the mood for learning in the most fun way possible, and beat those back to school blues with a trip to LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort. Kids both young and old are sure to find fun - but hurry. LEGOLAND is only part of The London Pass until November 2nd. That's one of the many reasons you need to visit LEGOLAND now.

Let's kick off the list with the best reason first. There are rides galore. 55 of them to be exact, all suitable for children aged 2-12. We’ll start with what’s new.

The Haunted House Monster Party

Lord Vampyre invites you to his banquet hall, presumably joined by all his monster friends, for a feast you’ll never forget. Be prepared to have your world turned upside down, because Lord Vampyre literally turns the banquet hall upside down. Quite how that works remains to be seen, but you can bet your little monsters will love it. After this extraordinary feat, make sure they’ve been practicing their best monster poses. They’re going to want their pictures taken with Lord Vamp and all his buddies.


Hot on the heels of the LEGO® movies, LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort is now giving film fans the chance to go behind the scenes of a LEGO movie. Models of Emmet, Lucy, and the rest of their co-stars are on display, as well as their hometown of Apocalypseburg. If the kids have ever asked how the movies were made, here’s your chance to show them.

LEGO® City 4D – Officer in Pursuit!

Ever been on a ride-along? I bet the police weren’t yellow and made out of bricks, were they? Well, these police are yellow, plastic, and bringing you along for the ride. In pursuit of a mischievous criminal, your adventure will take you through the streets and high up past the skyscrapers of the metropolis. While you might be thinking, since time is the fourth dimension, will there be any time travel involved. Sadly, no. But turn that frown upside down kiddo. 4D at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort means there will be water, wind, and bubbles all coming your way as you chase down the crook.

Other unmissable experiences at LEGOLAND® Windsor ResortLEGO® City Driving School

Those of you who have been to LEGOLAND® will surely remember the LEGO City Driving School. It’s where many of us first set out on the road, and with any luck, earned our LEGOLAND driver's license. For the rest of you LEGOLAND newbies, this is a must-see. Imagine a tiny city replete with roundabouts, traffic lights, and lots of little ones driving around in electric cars. As long as they keep to the speed limit, don’t run any red lights, and stay on the right side of the road, they'll do great! It’s certainly a lot cheaper than booking them in for driving lessons and tests further down the road. Hang on a minute. The small print says the LEGOLAND driver's license isn’t legally recognised. Funny, we’ve been using ours for years.

Pirate Falls Treasure Quest

Not for the faint-hearted. Any pirate worth their weight in gold will risk it all to get the booty. What starts off as a nice, leisurely boat ride ends with a splash when the boat drops off of a waterfall. We think. All we know is that there’s LEGO® pirates, a waterfall, and you’re advised to bring a waterproof. Yarr.

Pirate Goldwash

Once you’ve braved Pirate Falls, why not try your luck at panhandling at the Pirate Goldwash? If you’re lucky, you might even find enough gold to trade-in for a definitely 100% real gold pirate medallion. Wear it with pride. You deserve it. But don’t try to eat it, because it is definitely real. Real gold. (Spoiler alert - it's not).

LEGO® Reef

Take a trip beneath the waves, all without getting a single item of clothing wet. In the LEGO® Reef, you can create your own digital fish, and then watch them swim off to its natural habitat. You can even feed your fish as they swim around the reef. And when your kid has fed their digital fish, they can recreate them with real LEGO bricks, and show them off to everyone. Of course, you can build your own fish too.

LEGO® Games Zone

[caption id="attachment_3319" align="alignnone" width="695"]

Image courtesy of LEGOLAND Windsor[/caption] Of course, even though kids will love everything LEGOLAND® amusement park has to offer, they may well be craving the video games they left at home. The youth these days, am I right? Thankfully, the LEGO Game Zone has you covered. They’ve got a wide variety of LEGO games available to play on a number of Playstation 4’s. Take up the mantle of Batman with LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, sneak past dinosaurs with LEGO Jurassic Park, and use the force to defeat the First Order with LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They’ve also got real LEGO bricks for you and your kids to play with, if they want a bit of hand-on entertainment.

The Dragon

And finally, thrill-seekers young and old will love The Dragon. Strap in for a thrilling ride of twists and turns as you make your through a huge castle. The eponymous dragon is one of the many LEGO® models you’ll see before the end of your journey.

But why do you need to go to LEGOLAND now?

For the first time ever, you can now get free entry into LEGOLAND®with the London Pass. The Pass also includes free entry into over 80 of London’s top attractions like the Tower of London, The View from The Shard, and a Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour, to name but a few. But hurry, because this deal is only available until 2nd November 2019. So end the summer holidays with a bang. All thanks to the London Pass. And for reading this amazing blog, of course.

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