Scary Attractions in London

Scary Attractions in London

If you're looking to get spooky in the run-up to Halloween, check out our picks of the best scary attractions in London and prepare for the fright of your life!


  • London Bridge Experience
  • London Tombs
  • Tower of London
  • London Dungeon
  • and more!

Scary Attractions in London: London Bridge Experience

If you're looking for scary attractions in London, where better to start than the one voted the scariest of them all for 11 years running? That would be the London Bridge Experience, and it's gloriously ghoulish.

Buried within the vaults below the instantly recognisable London Bridge, you'll find a captivating journey into this iconic site's dark and fascinating history. This immersive adventure, led by interactive characters, provides a gripping experience that is perfect for families seeking an engaging activity in London. As you travel back through London's grim past, you'll encounter some of the city's most notorious and macabre figures, including William Wallace and Jack the Ripper. Prepare to witness, hear, and even smell the authentic ambiance of London Bridge over its 2,000-year history.

If all that sounds too terrifying for your little ones - fear not. The London Bridge Experience is actually a rather tongue-in-cheek exploration of the city's macabre side, so kids will have a ghastly good time too!

Scary Attractions in London: London Tombs

But there's even more to the London Bridge Experience; if you dare to venture further into the bowels of hell - or just under the experience itself - you'll be in for something utterly frightful. It's called the London Tombs, and it's not for the faint of heart.

The London Tombs is an immersive scare maze that's inhabited by a chilling cast of characters and creatures, ranging from clowns, doctors, zombies, dentists, butchers, and spiders, to name just a few. It promises an exhilarating and spine-tingling experience for those seeking a day out in London filled with thrills and chills. Sure, it might not be historically accurate, but around Halloween time, nothing will put the fear of god in you quite like London Tombs.

"Why won't someone think of the children?" we hear you wail from behind your screen. Don't worry, they did. The London Tombs also offers 'Guardian Angel' tours that amputate all the scariest and bloodiest bits, providing a more light-hearted tour for those who may be scarred for life by killer clowns and zombies snapping at their heels.

Scary Attractions in London: Tower of London

Over its 900-year history, the Tower of London has garnered a chilling reputation as one of the most haunted places in the city. It is said to be the eerie home to 13 ghosts, with some of the most notable apparitions being the restless spirits of Anne Boleyn and the two ill-fated young princes.

Anne Boleyn, the ill-fated second wife of King Henry VIII, met her tragic end at the Tower in 1536. Since her execution, her ghost is believed to haunt the Tower's Chapel Royal, where she is said to roam the corridors while carrying her severed head. Spooky! Anne Boleyn's apparition is among the most persistent and frequently sighted ghosts at the Tower.

In 1483, the young princes, Edward V and Richard, Duke of York, were imprisoned in the Tower and mysteriously disappeared. Many suspect they were murdered as part of a plot to secure the throne for their uncle, Richard III. Over the years, there have been numerous reports of ghostly sightings of the young princes, with some witnesses claiming to have seen the spectral figures of the two boys holding hands and appearing lost in the Tower's passageways.

So, while you can't take an official ghost tour of the Tower of London, you can certainly go there and see them for yourself!

Scary Attractions in London: London Dungeon

The "Dungeon" brand is well-known across the globe, with a handful of locations across cities in Europe. Turns out life throughout the continent was pretty grisly! So, if you want high-production value scares, along with rides that'll leave you screaming, head to the London Dungeon.

Visitors will enjoy a fun, scary, and often hilarious immersive journey through 1000 years of London's history. Walk into different sets with live actors who use storytelling and theatre combined with audience participation to bring the past to life. Meet a variety of characters, from infamous criminals like Jack the Ripper, to hooded torturers whose identities remain a mystery to this day. Prepare yourself for unexpected jumps, eerie encounters, and heart-pounding moments that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. And that's before we even mention the white-knuckle rides.

However, The London Dungeon is not solely about thrills; it also serves as an educational journey into the darker chapters of London's history. Gain insights into pivotal events and locations, including the Great Fire of London, the Gunpowder Plot, and the infamous Bloody Tower, ensuring that your visit is both entertaining and informative.

Scary Attractions in London: Highgate Cemetery

While not an attraction in itself, a visit to Highgate Cemetery should definitely be on your list of scary things to do in London! Why? Well, because it's haunted. Allegedly. And if you don't see any ghosts? Well, it's beautiful either way.

The cemetery is split into two distinct sections: the East Cemetery, which you're free to roam, and the West Cemetery, which requires a guide.

The East Cemetery is a mesmerising mix of ornate Victorian gravestones and tombs, where you'll find the final resting place of luminaries like Karl Marx - he's the communism guy.

For an immersive experience steeped in the mystique of Highgate Cemetery, embarking on a tour of the West Cemetery is a must. Accompanied by an informed guide, you'll gain fascinating insights into the cemetery's history, its most celebrated residents, and the intriguing legends and ghostly tales from its past. Will you see the many spectres that supposedly shuffle through the cemetery? Who knows?!

Scary Attractions in London: Clink Prison Museum

And finally, prepare to be locked away at London's oldest and most infamous prison. It's called The Clink, and it's a brutal exploration of crime and punishment throughout London's dark history.

Operating from the 12th to the 18th century, The Clink Prison gained notoriety for its harsh and oppressive conditions. The museum now stands on the original site, housing historical exhibits and displays that vividly resurrect the bleak realities of medieval and Tudor prison life in London.

One of the most unsettling features of the museum is its array of replica torture devices, including the rack, the scavenger's daughter, and various implements designed for the purposes of punishment and intimidation. A close encounter with these devices serves as a stark reminder of the brutal practices of the past.

And those were our picks of the best scary attractions in London! If you want to see the sunnier side of the city, check out the London Pass! Offering access to more than 70 of London's most recognisable landmarks, it's a great way to see the city and save while you're at it!

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