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    Tower of London

    What you'll do

    The Tower of London is one of the world’s most famous fortresses and has seen service as a royal palace, prison, armory and even a zoo. 

    Visit the Tower of London with The London Pass®

    • With us, there are no entry fees on the day – all you've got to do is show your pass.
    • Explore the Tower of London: one of the world's most famous fortresses and home to the Crown Jewels.
    • Discover the Tower’s long and storied history.

    Pass Perks: 

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    See the world-famous Crown Jewels and meet the Beefeaters on a tour of the highlights at the Tower of London.

    Tower of London History

    Fortress, prison, royal mint, and now a tourist attraction. The Tower of London has seen many lives over the past centuries and persists to this day as a powerful symbol of British heritage. A seemingly permanent fixture on London's skyline, the question of why and when the Tower of London was built still prevails to this day.

    This iconic UNESCO World Heritage site started off life as an imposing river fortress for the formidable force that was William the Conqueror, dating back to the 1070s. In the 1200s, the Tower was expanded by King Henry III and Edward I - adding a moat and more defensive structures to prepare for the possibility of battle.

    It famously became one of the most secure places in the country after it was appointed the home of the Tower Mint in the 1800s. All the money in the nation began here. Shortly after, the Royal Family also began storing its most precious jewels and possessions under the eye of some of the monarch’s personal bodyguards - the Yeoman Warders. The Warders have lived there since the 1500s and now serve as kindly tour operators.

    The Tower has also famously been the site of many high-profile executions, the chopping block for which still stands on the grounds to this day. King Henry VIII famously had his wife Anne Boleyn executed there three years into their marriage on the grounds of adultery and treason. She was buried at the Tower's Chapel Royal alongside her fellow queens, Catherine Howard and Lady Jane Grey. However, rumor has it that she continues to haunt the execution grounds and unwitting tourists...

    Why is the Tower of London Famous?

    The Tower of London is a big deal for many reasons. First off, it's quite old—close to a thousand years old! Over the years, it's been a royal palace, a prison, and even a zoo. It has some pretty juicy stories, too. Kings and queens lived there, and some even lost their heads there. Plus, it's home to the Crown Jewels, those sparkly treasures that are basically the bling of British royalty. So, between the history, the stories, and the gems, there's a little something for everyone!

    London Tower Highlights

    • Rich history dating from the Norman Conquest.
    • It has undergone amazing restoration over the centuries, including repairing damage taken from the Blitz.
    • Used by Royals through the years as a refuge and powerbase.
    • The Tower is still home to His Majesty's Royal Regalia; Still referred to as the Tower of London Crown Jewels, they are on display for visitors to see.
    • The Beefeaters are tasked with the job of guarding the jewels, as well as acting as tour guides for the attraction.

    The Tower of London Facts

    • There are 12 acres of land within the walls.
    • When it was built, it was initially resented by the people of London as a symbol of oppression by the new ruling forces.
    • It has been used as an armory, a menagerie, a treasury, and a prison.
    • The term ‘sent to the Tower’ was coined during the 16th and 17th centuries when those who had fallen into disgrace were sent there.
    • The prisoners entered through the water gate, called ‘Traitor’s Gate’.
    • The White Tower is a fortified tower, called a keep. Inside you’ll find the Chapel of St John, the finest example of Norman ecclesiastical architecture in the country.
    • The Tower is said to be haunted by the ghost of Anne Boleyn walking the chapel of St Peter ad Vincula.

    Tower of London Tour

    With your ticket, you get a guided tour led by Yeoman Warder, and these tours kick off every half hour. The tours are about an hour long and start close to the main entrance. It's all part of the package!

    This historic fortress has so much to offer- from the spectacular Crown Jewels to the fascinating history of the British monarchy. It's the perfect opportunity to take a Tower of London tour and truly dive into England's past. With The London Pass®, you can enjoy incredible savings while exploring over 100+ popular London attractions, such as Kensington Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Hampton Court Palace.

    Know before you go

    Getting in: enter via Middle Tower (opposite the Tower shop). Join the 'bought tickets' line and have your pass ready to be scanned by a member of staff. Once validated, you will pass through security/bag check before being admitted through Middle Tower.

    Please note

    • Pass customers do not need to book Tower of London tickets in advance but please be aware that at busy times, you may be asked to wait for the next available time slot.
    • You may need to wait in line to pass through security checks.
    • Yeoman Warder tours are included with your pass and depart every 30 minutes. Tours last approximately 60 minutes and start near the main entrance. 

    For more information, visit the Tower of London website.



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    Operating hours

    25 May to 15 July & 8 September to 26 October

    Sunday to Monday: 10AM to 5.30PM (last admission 3.30PM)

    Tuesday to Saturday: 9AM to 5.30PM (last admission 3.30PM)

    16 July to 7 September

    Daily: 9AM to 5.30PM (last admission 3.30PM)

    27 October to 3 November

    Daily: 9AM to 4.30PM (last admission 3PM)

    4 November to 31 December

    Sunday to Monday: 10AM to 4.30PM (last admission 3PM)

    Tuesday to Saturday: 9AM to 4.30PM (last admission 3PM)

    Closings & holidays

    24 to 26 December
    1 January

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