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Planning on sightseeing with The London Pass®? Purchase a Visitor Oyster Card and enjoy unlimited travel in central London on the tube, bus, trains, and DLR networks. So, what is an Oyster card, you ask? It's your key to the city, helping you move around London smoothly and efficiently. Make the most of your time in London with the London Oyster card and travel around with ease.

Benefits of Using an Oyster Card

Why should you get an Oyster card? Well, the benefits of an Oyster card are pretty useful. Not only do you get cheaper fares compared to buying a paper ticket, but it's also way more convenient. Plus, the Visitor Oyster card offers additional discounts on select London attractions!

Enjoy stress-free travel on public transport with a Visitor Oyster card

The Visitor Oyster card is the most flexible way of travelling around London, acting as your Oyster travel card, covering all your transport needs with one electronic ticket. How does an Oyster card work, you might wonder? It's simple and easy to use, and is activated upon entry at a ticket barrier located in the stations. All you need to do is tap in on the circular card readers, and then tap out again when you've finished your journey. 

The Visitor Oyster card is not stamped with a start or expiry date which means you can start using it whenever you want and any remaining credit can be used during any future trips to London.

Where Can I Buy an Oyster Card?

Great question! You can purchase a Visitor Oyster card online, at ticket machines, or at Oyster Ticket Stops located throughout London. You can even get one at the airport, so you're sorted for travel right when you step off the plane!

Where and when can I use a Visitor Oyster card?

The Visitor Oyster card can be used on all London Transport networks, these include;

✔ London Underground

✔ London Buses

✔ DLR (Dockland Light Rail)

✔ London Overground

The Visitor Oyster card can be used for travel at any time of day, any day of the week so it’s great for both early risers and night owls.

Which zones can I travel across? Can I use it from the airport?

Over 66% of attractions included in The London Pass® are in Central London (zones 1 - 2) but the Visitor Oyster card is actually valid to use across all London, zones 1 – 9.

This includes travel to and from Heathrow Airport, London City Airport and Gatwick Airport. So if you have chosen to get your travelcard sent out to you before you arrive, you can use it to get into London. Travel from Luton and Stansted Airports is not included as these fall outside of the London travel zones. 

Here's a Recap of the Most FAQs About the Oyster Card in London

Q.: Why should I get a London Visitor Oyster card?

A.: A London Visitor Oyster card simplifies your travel experience in the city. It's an electronic ticket that gives you access to all major public transport networks in London, including the tube, buses, DLR, and London Overground. If you plan to use public transport multiple times during your stay, it's a cost-effective and convenient way to navigate London,

Q.: How do I use the Visitor Oyster card?

A.: Using the Visitor Oyster card is straightforward. You simply tap the card on the circular card reader at the entry barrier when you start your journey, and tap out again at the exit barrier when you reach your destination. Your fare is automatically deducted from your card balance.

Q.: Where and when can I use my Visitor Oyster card?

A.: You can use the Visitor Oyster card on all London Transport networks, including the London Underground, London Buses, DLR (Dockland Light Rail), and London Overground. The card is valid for travel at any time of day and any day of the week, making it a flexible option for all types of travelers.

Q.: Can I use the Visitor Oyster card to travel to and from airports?

A.: Yes, you can use the Visitor Oyster card for travel to and from Heathrow Airport, London City Airport, and Gatwick Airport. The card covers all London zones 1-9. However, please note that travel from Luton and Stansted Airports is not included as they fall outside of the London travel zones.

Q.: What happens if I have remaining credit on my Visitor Oyster card?

A.: One of the best features of the Visitor Oyster card is that it does not have a start or expiry date. This means that any remaining credit on the card can be used for future trips to London. Simply keep the card and use it the next time you visit.

Q.: Are there any special offers or discounts associated with the Visitor Oyster card?

A.: The Visitor Oyster card offers not only the ease of travel but also a savings guarantee. The cost per journey is generally lower than buying a paper ticket, and you can also enjoy some special offers and discounts at various London attractions when showing your Oyster card.

By choosing a Visitor Oyster card, you're opting for a stress-free, cost-effective, and flexible way to explore everything London has to offer. Trusted by over 3 million customers, it's the go-to choice for many travelers to this vibrant city.

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